Urban Eyot

The approach is predicated on establishing a condition for the long-term transition of the site from industrial to residential use, whilst being an attractive, sociable and connected residential environment in the meantime.  The proposal suggests ways in which fragments of new development can take place whilst retaining and nurturing the mature landscape around the site edges, improving access to the valley slopes to the east and west, and celebrating the ruined fragments of the former industry to create a unique landscape that is both ruinous and fragmentary, and new and emergent at the same time.

Client: Ville de Huy

Location: Huy, Wollonia, Belgium

Dwellings: 220 Homes

Cultural/Community: + 3000sqm

Our proposal for the development of the neighbourhood draws upon the long history of the town and sets out a plan for future development that grows out of that long past.  It proposes incremental development or ‘slow growth’, wherein new commercial activities are balanced with piecemeal development of housing along with phased decontamination and re-use of former industrial sites.  The phasing of development in this way allows new elements to become embedded into the neighbourhood, and subsequent development to be adjusted to changing circumstances, conditions and opportunities.

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