Gresham Horse

The trojan horse was constructed by artist studio TILT working with community members from Gresham.  Over a series of workshops, Gresham residents were invited to develop woodworking skills and or use their existing skills and experience to contribute to the construction of the horse.

We worked with Isabel and TILT to help design a structure that could be fabricated, erected on a flat-bed trailer and eventually wheeled through the streets of Middlesbrough.  The parade took place on 24th September 2017, with Gresham residents and members of the public following the horse from MIMA to Gresham: the scale and spectacle of the event intended to instigate conversations around the experience of living in Gresham.  More details about the project can be found on the MIMA website.

Artist: Isabel Lima

Location: Gresham, Middlesbrough

Date: Summer 2017

It’s not every day that you’re invited to help design a Trojan Horse, made of plywood.  Oh, and the height of a terraced house.  The Gresham Horse was part of an ongoing project by artist Isabel Lima.  Isabel’s art practice is concerned with working with people from different communities in Gresham, Middlesbrough, using art to draw out conversations about critical issues for the area and people living there.  Through a series of workshops Isabel worked with participants to develop skills in woodwork and design, eventually fabricating a series of bird boxes intended to form the body of the enormous wooden horse.

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