Hatton Showcase

The pavilion, designed by artist Toby Paterson, comprises a slender steel structure with coloured, folded panels that host a changing display of posters from the Hatton Gallery archives.

Working in collaboration with the artist, engineers, and fabricators, we developed the detailed design of the structure to be assembled, transported and disassembled by a small team within a day.

The temporary pavilion will tour three sites in Newcastle and Gateshead.  The first is Baltic Square in Gateshead.  It will then relocate to Newcastle University campus, and finally the Blue Carpet outside of the Laing Gallery where it will stay until the reopening of the main Gallery in October 2017.

Client: Hatton Gallery

Location: Various Newcastle and Gateshead

Artist: Toby Paterson

Built by: RASKL

Photography: Colin Davison

Funding: Heritage Lottery Fund

In October 2016, following an exhibition of shortlisted artists, the Hatton Gallery commissioned artist Toby Paterson to design a temporary pavilion for the gallery.  The pavilion is intended to raise awareness of the Hatton’s collection, featuring artists such as Victor Pasmore, Richard Hamilton and Kurt Schwitters.  The temporary structure would tour a number of cultural values around Newcastle and Gateshead during spring/ summer 2017 whilst the Hatton Gallery underwent refurbishment.

We were appointed to work with the commissioned artist to develop the proposal and resolve the technical complexities of designing a demountable, temporary, transportable structure.

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