North East Post-War Exhibition

We were responsible for the exhibition design, research and coordination.  The exhibition, and recent demolition of a number of building featured in it, have prompted a revival of interest in the modernist heritage of the region.  Much of the content from the exhibition is now included in the Something Concrete + Modern online archive.

Client: RIBA North East

Location: Newcastle Upon-Tyne

We took a dual role in this project, researching and curating the exhibition content and designing and overseeing the installation of the exhibition itself. The exhibition was held in the Stephenson Works, a Grade I listed building in Newcastle and the former workshop of the railway engineer, Robert Stephenson.

The exhibition charted the architectural landscape of the region during the period 1945-1979 and documented more than 40 projects and key figures from the period. The exhibition featured original models and artefacts sourced and restored from the architects’ archives, film recordings, art work from Peter Yates, alongside newly commissioned models and drawings by students of architecture at Newcastle University and Northumbria University.  The exhibition design was undertaken in collaboration with the the RIBA North East steering committee and Formica who sponsored the exhibition.

The exhibition ignited local interest in the subject and sparked the ongoing project and archive Something Concrete and Modern which have developed over the past five years.

Exhibition Collaborators:

Faulkner Brown Architects

Bill Stoner

Neil Taylor

Jackie Gardener

Stuart Hendy

Emma Alborough

Elder Lester McGreggor Ross Architects

Ian McGreggor

Cummins Engines

David Newsome

John Smithson

James Cubbitt Architects

John Kress

Napper Architects

Eric Carter

Ryder Architecture

Alison Fowler

Durham County Council

Colin Robson

Architects Co-Partnership

Ann Markiewicz


Phil Lloyd



Billingham Forum

Anne Restall

Amber Film

Graeme Rigby

QMF Northern Fabricators

Stuart Robinson


Michelle Percy

Claire Holborn

Lisa Lawson


James Dawson

Simon Wild

Ken Dobbin


Paul Jones

Newcastle University

Bill Softly (Workshop technician)

Sean Mallen

Peter Kellett (loan of Killingworth model and man-hole cover)

HOME Group

Don Keskeys

Dhruv Sookhoo


Rutter Caroll

Dolan Conway

Cyril Winskill

Moira Conway

Dhruv Sookhoo

Student Modelmakers

Jesmond Library Model

John Beattie

Frederick Picart

Jack Mutton

Apollo Pavilion Model

Ronald Allen

Pratik Jain

Helen Markides

Rachel Davey

Northumbria University Modelmakers

Newcastle Civic Centre Model

Steven Paynter

Otis Murdoch

Lam Nguyen


Sally Anne Norman

Moira Conway

Paul Delphanque

William Lawrence Walker and Family

Jane McDevitt

Edward McDevitt

Brad Dales

Brian Smith

Alexander Duncan

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