Creativity Studio nears completion

Work has neared completion on our new Creativity Studio / Making Studio for the International Centre for Life. The new facilities support hands-on making activities – covering everything from sewing and soldering, to cardboard construction and coding.

The project represents a intense year long project for the International Centre for Life and a team of designers including Studio Horn (S.Eng), Skelly and Couch (MEP) with input from Apex Acoustics and Greenways (QS). The project was delivered by STP construction with bespoke joinery from RASKL/ Your Workhop.

The project draws on the original ad-hoc space in the Centre for Life which was built by the team using recycled cardboard tubes. The new structure is built using laminated timber frame with a modern industrial aesthetic of cardboard and corrugated tiles to reflect the evolving creative workshops run by the centre which will change on a regular basis.

The new facilities surrounded the new facilities to provide a range of interactive exhibits and creative challenges that range from a selfie booths to poetry robots.

The Making Studios have been supported through the Inspiring Science Fund, a £30 million capital scheme to support science centres across the UK, helping them rethink what they do and what they offer to the public. The scheme is co-funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Wellcome Trust.

Additional support has been provided by The Garfield Weston Foundation and the Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust.

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