Soar Island 2025

The shell building enables the energy centre to increase in output with local demand and development whilst remaining flexible to include new technologies such as Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power (CHP).  The building is the centre point of a community-based framework that would support a variety of different housing tenures from small builders and community groups through to larger public and private companies.

Client: Leicester City Council

Location: Soar Island, Leicester

Leicester City Council has set a target to deliver 11250 new homes in the Waterside Area by 2026. National and European targets for carbon reduction require that these new homes achieve carbon neutrality (zero carbon) by 2016. Localised energy generation and distribution will be essential to the delivery of these homes.

We imagine Soar Island as an Energy Hub, at the centre of a district heat and power network that will facilitate the development of new homes in the surrounding Waterside area.

The Powerhouse would have a dual function as energy centre and community space. The community space would make use of the variety of opportunities for cultural, environmental activities and sport that the site offers and which make Soar Island an invaluable community resource placing energy production and education at the heart of a new community.

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