The brief called for ideas a former industrial site to be redeveloped as a new urban neighbourhood.  New housing was to be incorporated with other amenties that would give the new neighbourhood a distinctive identity.

Client: Bergen Kommune

Location: Bergen, Norway

Dwellings: 225 Homes

Our competition entry for the Europan 13 site in Bergen, Norway. The site is a disused industrial plant in the Møllendal district to the south of Bergen. The site is a long, slither of land running between the cemetery to the south and the shore of Store Lundegarde to the north. Our proposal sets out a framework for a new urban neighbourhood. The layout extends the walking routes from the surrounding hills through the site as a series of linear gardens connecting the hillside with the shore of Store Lungegårdsvannet.  The plan proposes a woven network of outdoor terraces, opening onto streets that also act as conduits for water and wildlife.

We developed a basic model for the housing based on clusters of 8 homes along with another, ancillary space that could be a co-house, crèche, community centre, shop or workshop. These spaces were located on the corners of each block, bringing activity to the lanes running through the site.  It draws on ideas developed for our entry to the Peabody 150 competition which explored different ways of providing additional, flexible spaces in addition to the basic requirements of a house or apartment.

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