Kielder Castle – Castles, Follies and Elephants

Castles, Follies and Elephants is a commission for a temporary installation the grounds of Kielder Castle in Northumberland with the excelent Kielder Arts and Architecture.  The project, which is being developed in collaboration with artist Oliver Perry,  will comprise a series of ‘objects’ installed within the landscape surrounding the castle over the summer 2017.  Each has been derived in reference to buildings and landscapes which tell a story of Kielder as one of the last great infrastructure projects.  The project has successfully recieved Arts Council funding.

Kielder Arts and Architecture is a visual art programme at Kielder initiated by the Kielder Partnership, a forerunner of the Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust that now runs the programme. Over the past 16 years they have worked to reflect on the landscape around Kielder Water & Forest Park to create a home for a unique collection of visual art and architecture with artists such as James Turrell, Wolfgang Weileder and Tania Kovats and architects such as David Adjeye, Charles Barclay and Studio Weave.

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