Maling Street

The project invloves the refurbishment of the three buildings and adjoining terrace.  Using a series of unifying chimneys the development will conceal future kitchen vents and provide accesss to a new semi-external terrace and new roof structure.  The structure will have a new roof and sliding shutters to match the existing.  The development aims to bring about small, incremental change to the Ouseburn Valley and to offer premices to new and existing small businesses in the area.

Client: Private

Location: Ouseburn, Newcastle

Status: Planning

We have been appointed to develop proposals for the conversion of these former warehouse buildings in the Ouseburn to provide studio, retail and restaurant spaces.  The site was formerly used by a recycling company for storage but has fallen out of use since the redevelopment of the site opposite as the new Malings housing development.  The proposals invlove a palette of painted masonary and painted slatted timber screens and chimneys to unify the currently fragmented set of buildings.

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