Castles Follies and Elephants

Our Castles Follies and Elephants collaboration is part of the Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust visual art programme.  Over the past 16 years they have commissioned numerous projects, each of which reflects on the landscape around Kielder Water & Forest to create a home for a unique collection of visual art and architecture by artists such as James Turrell, Wolfgang Weileder and Tania Kovats and architects such as David Adjeye, Charles Barclay and Studio Weave.

Client: Kielder Arts and Architecture

Location: Kileder Castle

Collaborators: Oliver Perry

Kielder Arts and Architecture

Funding: Arts Council

Download: Map + Poster

Castles, Follies and Elephants is a collaboration with artist, Oliver Perry.  The commission takes the form of a series of temporary installations in the grounds of Kielder Castle in Northumberland.   Nine ‘objects’ have been installed in the landscape surrounding the castle over the summer 2017.  Each is derived in reference to buildings and landscapes that tell a story of Kielder as one of the last great national infrastructure projects.  The project was commissioned by Kielder Arts and Architecture and received funding from Arts Council England.

Visitors can pick up a map at the Castle visitor centre and follow a route around the grounds, exploring the objects in their beautiful settings.

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